What are UFO's and Aliens Doing Over Our Seas? [VIDEO]


What are UFO's doing over the North Sea? Strange sighting at sea. Is this a tornado of some sort?

Can we really live on Mars?

Image by jpl_NASA

LIVING ON MARS - Not too long ago, it was pure science fiction that humans could ever live on Mars. But scientists now tell us that it is actually possible.

Alien Evidence and UFO Sightings Throughout History: Are Aliens and UFOs Real?

UFO SIGHTINGS - The year has started off with some great new UFO and alien sightings. However, some of them have already turned out to be hoaxes. I don’t know about you, but I am getting pretty tired of this.

Alien phenomena that are publicity stunts

Real alien sightings are important and deserve our attention. But what is real, what can we still believe?

Let's start with the very worst kind of alien phenomena. The crop circle that was discovered in a field South of San Francisco intrigued many, because it seemed to represent an image of alien technology. There was a lot of media attention. This crop circle has now turned out to be a publicity stunt by a computer chip manufacturer. Not only a company, but also a region where an alien phenomenon takes place can actually profit from the attention. Think of the Loch Ness monster for example. It is likely that this legend has attracted a lot of visitors and revenue to the region that otherwise would not have come. This prospect could tempt people to artificially create such phenomena.

The Most Spectacular Natural Wonders of Russia

WORLD'S LARGEST COUNTRY - Did you know that there are amazing natural wonders in this vast country? Spectacular landscapes with their mysterious formations tell us the  geological history of the Earth. Because many parts of Russia are scarcely populated and unspoiled, nature can still be seen there as it was millions of years ago.

Ural Ancient Giants - Photographer Sergei Makurin Sergey Makurin

Ural mountain range and the giants of the Komi Republic

The Ural mountain range is some 1,600 kilometers long and extends from the Aral Sea to the Arctic Ocean. It is impressive in length, and forms the border between Europe and Asia. It also causes climatic differences between Western and Eastern Russia. The Ural mountain range is not very high though, compared to other mountain areas. That’s because it is extremely old: about 300 million years. It emerged from a collision between two ancient continents. A special feature of the Ural Mountains are the “Seven Giants” in the Komi Republic. These mysterious rock formations look like giant men, frozen in time. Local legend has it, that these giants were actually alive in the past and that they roamed the Siberian mountains.

The Most Mysterious National Monuments in the United States

MYSTERIOUS STRUCTURES - The US has amazing national monuments. Some of them are in remote areas, while others are weekend destinations for many people. There is also great mystery to some of these national monuments.

Ancient Sumerian Ziggurat in honor of God Nanna

ANCIENT SUMERIA - The Great is one of the best preserved, most impressive and mysterious creations of the Sumerian culture. It is a massive rectangular, pyramid-like building measuring 210 by 150 feet or 64 by 46 metres.

Originally the structure was up to 100 feet or 30 metres high, roughly the height of a ten storey building. It is built out of large bricks and has advanced features such as a drainage system. Archeologists think the ziggurat of Ur was built – or finished - around 2100 BC.

UFO Sightings: Five Ways for Telling The Truth from the Hoax

UFO SIGHTINGS - There was a lot of excitement when a UFO was filmed in Jerusalem over the Temple Mount back in 2011. A debate ensued. UFO enthusiasts believed this was real and demanded an investigation. Renowned UFO investigators found out, however, that the footage was fake? for a number of reasons.


One finding was the fact that the object was too small to be a spacecraft. Secondly, the object was hovering over the Temple Mount while there are hundreds of people there, yet no one saw the floating object except for the person filming. It was concluded that this was just a person trying to play with people’s minds.

Alien Space Ship Spotted on Pluto

Pluto Alien Space Ship
'Frozen Lake' on Pluto. Image by NASA

ALIEN SPACESHIPS - NASA has found what is likely a frozen nitrogen lake on Pluto. This spectacular find was made in the imagery sent home by the New Horizon’s Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI).

Discovery of a Mysterious Ninth Planet and What It Really Means

ALIEN PLANET - They haven’t seen the new planet, but they have calculated that it must exist. Scientists studying the strange behavior of a group of rocks in the Kuiper Belt (where Pluto lives) are now certain enough to go public. 

New Planet Ninth

The behavior can only be explained as the influence of a relatively nearby planet that orbits the Sun. It must be an icy planet, with a mass between that of Earth and Neptune.

The announcement was surprising. What up till now was considered to be speculative fiction or pseudo-science, is suddenly reality.

New Pluto Images Unveil Strange Cigar-Shaped UFO Objects in the Sky of Pluto

PLUTO UFO - The latest images from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft unveil new details about Pluto’s atmosphere, spectacular sunset view, mountains, glaciers and plains.

Pluto UFO NASA Spacecraft

It has also shown some strange capsule shaped object, cigar-shaped UFO standing vertically in the sky of Pluto. If you look a bit higher up, they are clearly visible.
These are the highest resolution images that the NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has ever taken of Pluto, and we should take a very close look at them.

Scientists are talking about the ice and mountains, but they don't talk about these shapes. Could they explain at all what this could be? These "Pluto UFO's" appear in several images.

You can find NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft high resolution images on their page, here

Pluto Aerial Tour by Credit: NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI, Stuart Robbins

Mysterious Similarities between the Ancient Gates of Hayu Marka and Mada’in Saleh

ANCIENT STARGATES - Groups of people are standing in front of a huge ancient rock formation, an archaeological site. They admire it, study it, touch it, and even worship it.

ancient stargate
Hayu Marka

Local people are wary of the site, consider it a dangerous place with mysterious powers. Strangely, a doorway has been carved out of the rock, as if one could access a home or other building inside.

The Ancient Message in Today’s Crop Circles

Ancient prehistoric structure
Ancient Stone Circles of Rujm al-Hiri - by Albatross/AP
CROP CIRCLES - Crop circles that appear in fields today seem to have more and more amazing shapes. Some people are convinced that all crop circles are fake, while others some see them as a message from the universe, something made by aliens who are trying to contact us.

UFO 2015 sightings: What to Expect

UFO SIGHTINGS - In 2014 there were many UFO sightings all over the world. Some of them were hoaxes of course, but that can never be avoided. Honestly, we are looking for real UFO sightings. We want to see facts that can be studied and verified by science.

UFO 2015 sightings

The year 2014 has started with some pretty mysterious UFO sightings. 

Mars Cookie Crater Still A Mystery

MARS EXPLORATION - It looks like a cookie, an apple pie, or anything else that was baked and almost boiled over. NASA’s HiRISE camera captured a mysterious, round feature on Mars. It’s like an “out-of-place object” on the otherwise smooth surface of Mars’ Athabasca region.

Mars Crater
NASA JPL - center for robotic exploration of the solar system

NASA calls it a mound and suggests that it was created when lava pushed something up from beneath at some point in time. The organization also states that it seems like material is missing from the mound, possibly ice that melted as the lava approached. The Athabasca region has more of these enigmatic formations. What could they be?