Alien Space Ship Spotted on Pluto

Pluto Alien Space Ship
'Frozen Lake' on Pluto. Image by NASA

ALIEN SPACESHIPS - NASA has found what is likely a frozen nitrogen lake on Pluto. This spectacular find was made in the imagery sent home by the New Horizon’s Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI).

Discovery of a Mysterious Ninth Planet and What It Really Means

ALIEN PLANET - They haven’t seen the new planet, but they have calculated that it must exist. Scientists studying the strange behavior of a group of rocks in the Kuiper Belt (where Pluto lives) are now certain enough to go public. 

New Planet Ninth

The behavior can only be explained as the influence of a relatively nearby planet that orbits the Sun. It must be an icy planet, with a mass between that of Earth and Neptune.

The announcement was surprising. What up till now was considered to be speculative fiction or pseudo-science, is suddenly reality.

New Pluto Images Unveil Strange Cigar-Shaped UFO Objects in the Sky of Pluto

PLUTO UFO - The latest images from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft unveil new details about Pluto’s atmosphere, spectacular sunset view, mountains, glaciers and plains.

Pluto UFO NASA Spacecraft

It has also shown some strange capsule shaped object, cigar-shaped UFO standing vertically in the sky of Pluto. If you look a bit higher up, they are clearly visible.
These are the highest resolution images that the NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has ever taken of Pluto, and we should take a very close look at them.

Scientists are talking about the ice and mountains, but they don't talk about these shapes. Could they explain at all what this could be? These "Pluto UFO's" appear in several images.

You can find NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft high resolution images on their page, here

Pluto Aerial Tour by Credit: NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI, Stuart Robbins

Mysterious Similarities between the Ancient Gates of Hayu Marka and Mada’in Saleh

ANCIENT STARGATES - Groups of people are standing in front of a huge ancient rock formation, an archaeological site. They admire it, study it, touch it, and even worship it.

ancient stargate
Hayu Marka

Local people are wary of the site, consider it a dangerous place with mysterious powers. Strangely, a doorway has been carved out of the rock, as if one could access a home or other building inside.

The Ancient Message in Today’s Crop Circles

Ancient prehistoric structure
Ancient Stone Circles of Rujm al-Hiri - by Albatross/AP
CROP CIRCLES - Crop circles that appear in fields today seem to have more and more amazing shapes. Some people are convinced that all crop circles are fake, while others some see them as a message from the universe, something made by aliens who are trying to contact us.

UFO 2015 sightings: What to Expect

UFO SIGHTINGS - In 2014 there were many UFO sightings all over the world. Some of them were hoaxes of course, but that can never be avoided. Honestly, we are looking for real UFO sightings. We want to see facts that can be studied and verified by science.

UFO 2015 sightings

The year 2014 has started with some pretty mysterious UFO sightings. 

Mars Cookie Crater Still A Mystery

MARS EXPLORATION - It looks like a cookie, an apple pie, or anything else that was baked and almost boiled over. NASA’s HiRISE camera captured a mysterious, round feature on Mars. It’s like an “out-of-place object” on the otherwise smooth surface of Mars’ Athabasca region.

Mars Crater
NASA JPL - center for robotic exploration of the solar system

NASA calls it a mound and suggests that it was created when lava pushed something up from beneath at some point in time. The organization also states that it seems like material is missing from the mound, possibly ice that melted as the lava approached. The Athabasca region has more of these enigmatic formations. What could they be?

The Orion Spacecraft: One Step Closer to a Mars Mission

SPACE MISSIONS - The Orion Spacecraft is a capsule designed to carry humans deep into our solar system and return them safely to Earth. A basic prototype of the capsule has now been launched for a (very) short trip into deep space, without any passengers on board.

Lord Pacal Maya

With this launch, NASA wanted to test some of the riskiest steps in an Orion flight, such as separations, radiation effects, and re-entry into the atmosphere. After a successful flight and landing in the ocean, the capsule was picked up by a special amphibious ship and brought back to NASA for analysis.

Hidden Secrets of Ancient Kailasa Temple and Ellora Caves

MYSTERIOUS PLACES - We could be missing the point about the Kailasa temple. This famous underground creationS, one of the Ellora caves in Maharashtra, India, fascinates many people. Everyone is marveling at the construction. Researchers, including ancient alien theorists, try to find out how the Kailasa temple was built, what an effort it must have been to cut it out of the rocks. But what does the Kailasa temple represent, what does it actually tell us?

Kailasa Temple and Ellora Caves

The Kailasa temple is a Hindu temple. It symbolizes Mount Kailash as the home of Lord Shiva. It is very much an elephant place: there are statues and reliefs of elephants in and around the location. An image of the sacred bull Nandi is on the central temple. Like other Hindu temples, the Kailasa temple has a Sikhara (spire), but it looks relatively small compared to the whole structure. On the inside of the temple, there is a ring or flower relief on the ceiling of the central room.

Mysterious Structures Discovered Around Stonehenge

STONEHENGE - Have you seen the images of the latest discoveries around Stonehenge? Over the past four years, an international team of archaeologists has been making x-rays of the ground around the mysterious ancient site in Britain. They have now presented their findings, including many images that look like aerial photographs of crop-circle-like shapes.

Stonehenge Mysterious Structures

The BBC will be airing documentaries with all the details this Thursday and next Thursday . The documentary is called “Operation Stonehenge: What Lies Beneath”.

The archaeologists have scanned some 4.5 square miles of territory, making the Stonehenge project the worldwide largest effort ever. They used a range of x-ray techniques, which allowed them to see objects buried in the ground up to five meters deep. 

Bone-like object spotted on Mars by UFO watchers

UFO SIGHTINGS - One of the images sent back by the Mars rover Curiosity seems to show a human-like thighbone, partly buried in the soil.

UFO on Mars
Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

At least that's what UFO watchers are making of it.
Indeed is seems to be a fossilized bone. The object is lying near a group of other shapes, that look somewhat like pottery.

UFO watchers have been pointing out more such objects over the last days.  Could Curiosity actually be on to something? Are we looking at the remains of lost life forms on Mars? Let's hope that research can shed light on this.

Ancient Mayan Cities Discovered in Mexico Jungle

ANCIENT MAYA - In southeast Mexico, two ancient Mayan cities have been discovered by a team of Slovenian archaeologists. The first location, Lagunita, has in fact been rediscovered on the basis of notes and drawings left by an American archaeologist in the 1970s.

Ancient Maya

The second location is a completely new discovery, now named Tamchén. This word means “deep well” in the Mayan language and refers to underground chambers – called chultuns - found at the site, which were supposedly used for collecting rainwater.

UFO Sighting by International Space Station

UFO SIGHTINGS - A new video recorded by the International Space Station’s cameras seems to be showing a close encounter with an unknown spaceship or UFO of some kind.

UFO Sightings

There have been speculations before about white lights and moving objects recorded by cameras in orbit. But there were always other explanations, like reflections of sunlight or satellite debris.

Comb Jellies Are The Ultimate Alien Creatures On Earth

ALIEN CREATURES - Have you seen the news about comb jellies, aliens of the sea? These amazing creatures can regenerate any lost body part in just a few days including their brains. Scientists are trying to catch and study them, to find out how they do it.

Comb Jellies

Now the regeneration talent of comb jellies is one thing, but did you know about their other qualities? Here are just a few of comb jellies’ other amazing features: