Ancient Mayan Cities Discovered in Mexico Jungle

ANCIENT MAYA - In southeast Mexico, two ancient Mayan cities have been discovered by a team of Slovenian archaeologists. The first location, Lagunita, has in fact been rediscovered on the basis of notes and drawings left by an American archaeologist in the 1970s.

Ancient Maya

The second location is a completely new discovery, now named Tamchén. This word means “deep well” in the Mayan language and refers to underground chambers – called chultuns - found at the site, which were supposedly used for collecting rainwater.

One of the most amazing features is a so-called monster-mouth façade. There are hieroglyphic inscriptions as well. The ancient Maya cities had pyramid temples and palaces, of which ruins have now been discovered. The location is thought to have flourished between 600 and 1000 AD.

Unusual features, so far unknown in other Mayan cities, make the discovery of great interest for future study. The large number of deep chultuns is unusual for example, and so is the shape of the altars at Lagunita. Most intriguing are the versions of the Mayan calendars inscribed in stone monuments on the site. In one text the Long Count Date is incomplete.

Future research into the meaning of these discoveries is needed.

Source and more information: ZRC SAZU Research centre

UFO Sighting by International Space Station

UFO SIGHTINGS - A new video recorded by the International Space Station’s cameras seems to be showing a close encounter with an unknown spaceship or UFO of some kind.

UFO Sightings

There have been speculations before about white lights and moving objects recorded by cameras in orbit. But there were always other explanations, like reflections of sunlight or satellite debris.

This siting seems to be more convincing. There is clearly a row of lights quite close to the ISS. The lights look very much like the back of some kind of spaceship. They hung around for quite some time, then slowly disappeared.

UFO Sightings From ISS Space Station VIDEO: 

Comb Jellies Are The Ultimate Alien Creatures On Earth

ALIEN CREATURES - Have you seen the news about comb jellies, aliens of the sea? These amazing creatures can regenerate any lost body part in just a few days including their brains. Scientists are trying to catch and study them, to find out how they do it.

Comb Jellies

Now the regeneration talent of comb jellies is one thing, but did you know about their other qualities? Here are just a few of comb jellies’ other amazing features:

-    They have special cells that can produce and spit out glue. No other animal species has this. They use this feature to catch prey, of course.

-    They can be so thin (only one or two layers of cells) that they practically disappear when captured.

-    They can quickly adapt to different waters. If they suddenly find themselves in less salty water, they can adjust their internal pressure to survive.

-    As was said above, they can regenerate any tissue, even their brain, in just a few days.

-    Some of them can also clone themselves. They lose body parts and these parts develop into new comb jellies.

-    Most of them are hermaphrodites, i.e. both male and female. They fertilize themselves.

-    When times are tough and they can’t find enough food, comb jellies quickly adapt by stopping reproduction and shrinking themselves. Come better times and they grow themselves back to a standard size.

Now aren’t comb jellies actually the ultimate aliens on Earth? They give us a real-time show of how life must have developed in ancient times.

The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland

ANCIENT PLACES - There are so many fascinating natural structures around the world. Shapes that are said to be natural, but just seem too special. You would think intelligent beings built them. 

Giant’s Causeway Ireland

A famous one is the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. This coastline formation consists of a large number of basalt columns that seem neatly cut into hexagonal and other angular shapes. The Giant’s Causeway is the result of ancient volcanic eruptions that happened at least 50 million years ago.

Irish legend has other explanations for the Giant’s Causeway, however. According to several myths, the Irish giant Fionn mac Cumhaill (Finn McCool) built the structures as a bridge to Scotland. He had been challenged to a fight by Scottish giant Benandonner and wanted to face him without getting his feet wet.

The Giant’s Causeway is also called the Causeway of the Fomorians (Clochán na bhFomhórach) in Irish. The Fomorians were the very first inhabitants of Ireland. They were a race of supernatural beings, giants. In some stories they are half man, half goat, in others they are described as exceptionally beautiful.

Ancient Roman and medieval texts connect the Fomorians to biblical peoples, stating that they were African pirates from the race of Ham, actually Phoenicians expelled from Palestine. They came to Ireland to be even further away from the Israelites, the descendants of Shem.

Is all this just ancient legend and mythology? Or could some ancient giants actually have built the Giant’s Causeway? If so, for what purpose? Advanced technology must have been involved. Did ancient man have knowledge that we have lost since? Or were some alien forces involved?

Legend has it that Fionn mac Cumhaill is not dead. He and his troops are just asleep somewhere underground. They will arise some day when Ireland is in trouble. Could this actually have meaning? Will our ancient helpers actually return to Earth some day?

Herodium Ancient Acropolis or Launching Station

ANCIENT SITES - Herodium or Herodion is the highest hill in the Judean desert. It is said to be an acropolis, built by king Herod around 20 BCE to commemorate his victory over the Parthians. Herodium is a spectacular site and an important tourist attraction in the region. 

Herodium Alien Tomb

The hill is 2,487 (758 meters) high and is conical in shape. It served as a fortress for king Herod’s luxurious palace, that was built inside. Excavation of the palace began in 1972. It was a luxurious place at the time, with many special facilities like a theater and bath houses. In 2007, archeologists announced that they had found king Herod’s tomb inside the hill. His sarcophagus is largely destroyed, supposedly by rebels who later occupied Herodium and had no love for the ancient king.

Deeper into the hill, some even more fascinating structures have been found. There are a number of tunnels in Herodium that lead to what appear to be huge water storage tanks deep down inside. Archeologists think that king Herod not only built the palace, but that he actually constructed the hill itself. This must have been a huge effort that required advanced knowledge of building techniques.

It could make sense that the king wanted to secure water supply in times of war. On the other hand, if we look at aerial photos of Herodium, other things come to mind. It simply looks like an advanced piece of technology. We can’t help but wonder if the storage tanks were filled with water or with something else. What if they were used – perhaps in times long before king Herod arrived at the scene – to store some kind of fuel?

The hill could just as well be a launching station as a fortress. Maybe it is much older than 20 BCE and was built by ancient people or ancient visitors that had the technology to do this. Who needed such constructions, not to defend themselves but to land, fuel and service their spacecraft on?

Let’s hope that further research at the site will reveal more of the history of Herodium in the near future.

Ancient Giant Virus Revived From the Ice, more Discoveries Expected

ANCIENT MYSTERIES - As climate change causes temperatures to rise, ice is melting in the world’s polar regions. All sorts of objects and creatures that were conserved in permafrost over tens of thousands of years, are now re-surfacing.

This is paradise for scientists. So far intact mammoths have already been unearthed, for example. And the smaller things like plants and micro-organisms could prove to be even more interesting.
 Scientists are now starting to actually revive life from the past. They have already grown a plant out of 30,000 year old fruit found in permafrost. And now a giant virus has been brought back to life, which is actually still contagious (only for amoebae, fortunately).

We can’t even begin to imagine what all this could lead to. Some say that in the near future, many ancient organisms will reappear from the melting ice and come back to life all by themselves. The scientists’ experiments could also have great impact on the world’s population. Just imagine one of those giant viruses actually mutates and breaks out.

These ancient, frozen organisms could also shed new light on the ancient alien theory. It aliens visited our planet in the distant past and even lived here, wouldn’t we find traces of them in the permafrost? Even their DNA?

And even if we don’t find any aliens, new discoveries in the permafrost will give us tons of information of how other creatures and humans on Earth have developed. If there was alien interference with life on Earth, we should find irregularities, sudden appearance or disappearance of life forms and such.

The parallel exploration of Mars makes all this even more fascinating. If there is a connection of life between the Earth and Mars, we may soon discover spectacular missing links!

Mysterious Pyramid Discovered in Egypt

ANCIENT EGYPT - Near the Egyptian city of Edfu, a previously unknown pyramid has been discovered. It is a so-called step pyramid, originally 43 feet high that dates back about 4,600 years. This type of pyramid was built earlier than the Great Pyramids.

Ancient Pyramid a step pyramid Egypt

Step pyramids are one of the most mysterious in Egypt, because no one understands what they were for. They seem to have no inner chambers, so they must have served simply as monuments. However this sounds a little too simple to be true. The newly discovered pyramid near Edfu seems to have been abandoned shortly after it was built.

The area around it seems to have been offering ground for some time. It is almost identical to other step pyramids in the region. There are some hieroglyphs on the pyramid, but archeologists think these were added as graffiti in a later period. They do not tell us anything about the pyramid’s original purpose.

Ancient Sumerian Evidence of Noah’s Ark

SUMERIAN FLOOD STORY - The British Museum has put on display an amazing, 4,000-year-old Mesopotamian tablet. The tablet is full of cuneiform inscriptions and describes Noah’s Ark. Like in the Bible, but different. This tablet was discovered some years ago, but now it has been deciphered. It is a very detailed description of how to build Noah’s Ark, like a construction manual.

Noah's ark and flood

The amazing thing about this tablet is that it is the first time a description of Noah’s Ark was found. It has been known for a long time that the flood story is in origin a Sumerian story, but the actual description of the ark is new.

Surprisingly, the ancient tablet states that an ark – contrary to what most of us imagine - is a round vessel. In order to survive a major flood, one needs to build it 220 feet in diameter, with 20 feet high walls. It should have two levels and a roof, and be divided into sections to separate the animals. The cuneiform tablet suggest using ropes, reeds and bitumen as building materials.

Specialists point out that it is quite logical that Noah’s Ark would have been round. A coracle or round ship was in fact a common vessel in ancient times. Coracles were usually small boats or one or a few people. The ark did not actually need to navigate seas or oceans. All it had to do is float. People and animals could then wait until the flood was over.

Is it really that simple? Noah’s Ark was just a larger version of a common type of boat in ancient times? Could be. But could a simple, ancient coracle made of ropes, reeds and bitumen be that large? And carry that many animals and people?

What if the ancient people who wrote down the description of the ark used familiar words to describe something unfamiliar? Could there have been a spaceship, and alien visitors that gave man these instructions? Maybe ‘ropes’ and ‘reeds’ stand for something else, some electrical wiring or tubes. Maybe the ship ‘floated’ in the air, not on water. The tablet cannot give us that much information of course. But it is not impossible.

Aliens living in our planet's deep sea

DEEP SEA ALIEN - You wouldn't believe how many alien creatures actually live on Earth. Some of them we know exist, others remain a mystery. That's because they live in the deep sea, almost impossible to reach. In places where you would think life is impossible, these alien creatures feel right at home.

Crop Circles Mysteries and Secrets of Alien Communication

CROP CIRCLES - Crop circles remain an unsolved mystery. Some crop circles are clearly man-made, but in most cases it seems impossible that humans created the pattern. It is likely that some crop circles have been created for commercial purposes, to attract the attention of tourists to otherwise unknown areas. But the mystery of the most advanced crop circles has not been solved.

Crop Circles Mysteries

The really mysterious crop circles are huge, very complicated pieces of work that appear in an incredibly short period of time. It is hardly realistic that anyone could have done this with such great precision so quickly. Strange electromagnetic and radioactive phenomena have been registered in and around crop circles. In 2013 lots of new crop circles have been found all over the world. Particularly in Europe, in Italy and the UK. The patterns seem to be getting more and more complicated and diverse. We think this amazing trend will continue in 2014.

crop circle

One of the most recent phenomena is the crop circle near Salinas, California. This particular pattern has a lot of square and rectangular shapes in it. It seems to show something technical or digital. This crop circle attracts a lot of media attention because moving lights were seen the night before it appeared. Could this really be aliens, explaining some technical stuff? Research has just started..