Ancient Aliens or Advanced Civilizations?

ANCIENT ALIENS - Ancient astronaut theorists have an explanation for ancient phenomena. They say that in the distant past advanced aliens visited planet Earth, created the human race as their workers, mined the planet for coal and gold and left us with magnificent structures like the pyramids in Egypt on every continent.

Ancient civilizations

These aliens were incredibly advanced, they had the ability to manipulate DNA (that is how they created the human race) and had long distance space travel technology. Possibly also gate technology for travel through wormholes in space.

At first glance, this is a good explanation for otherwise inexplicable phenomena in our distant past. But is it really as logical as that? Would such advanced beings, with all their capabilities, bother to come to planet Earth? And to go through the trouble of creating some ape-like creatures, just to do some mining? Isn't there another explanation, that is more logical than this?

Many old texts and legends such as the ancient Greek ones, clearly speak of advanced civilizations such as Lemuria, Atlantis and Hyperborea, that existed in ancient times. Couldn't these, probably pre-diluvial civilizations have had more knowledge than we have today? Were they so technologically advanced that they could build megastructures and machines for space travel? Flying from continent to continent on Earth would not have posed any problem for them at all.

Now imagine a race of more primitive people, living in the same time period. They must have looked on with awe. They must have tried to explain what they saw, all the technology and spacecraft flying around. Wouldn't they have called the more advanced people “Gods”?

To this advanced society, constructions like pyramids were simply an element of their everyday infrastructure. Great floods and disasters have washed away most of those structures since, only a few survived.

But how long ago did such a civilization thrive? Researchers date ancient megastructures to be some 10,000 years old. Or could there be a much older history? Photographs of the moon suggest that there is a spaceship there, of huge proportions. This mysterious structure is estimated to be 1.5 billion years old. Was it left there by aliens? Maybe it was just these Lemurians and Atlantians, and that spaceship is a simple remnant of the time when there was busy traffic between the Earth, the moon and the other planets in our solar system. And probably beyond.

More interesting is the question that follows from this: what happened? Did they die out? Or did they just leave, because an asteroid hit or some other cataclysm? Is it unlikely that one day they will return, in golden spaceships? A new race, but one that that ruled the Earth before us..