Sacsayhuamán: Ancient Alien Travel Terminal

MYSTERIOUS PLACES - The area around the Peruvian city of Cuzco is fascinating. There are numerous mysterious ancient ruins and structures and many speculations to their origins.


One particularly fascinating site is Sacsayhuamán, an ancient fortress overlooking Cuzco. It consists of a series of giant steps or terraces that seem to lead up to a center of three concentric walls. There seem to have been defense towers on the complex.

This ancient construction is flawlessly built with huge, rounded blocks of different sizes, that fit together seamlessly. Nobody has been able to explain how they were built. Even with present-day technology it is impossible to replicate.

Traditionally, Sacsayhuamán is considered to be an Inca fortress. But the Indians themselves seemed to know better. According to their legend, Sacsayhuamán was built by a falcon that used a special chemical. Indeed many have noticed the marks on the stone walls that suggest the stone was fluid, melted at some point in time. Could ancient aliens have used special techniques and aircraft to build this structure? And if so, what purpose did it originally serve?

The Inca used Sacsayhuamán as a holy place, a temple where priests learned the secret laws of the Universe. Was it a temple where the ancient aliens were worshipped by early man? Or could Sacsayhuamán have been an ancient alien travel terminal? Perhaps it was not unlike our present-day airports, busy with travelers and visitors, arriving and departing flights as well as all kinds of services. Its elaborate structures would easily allow for such uses.

VIDEO: The Living Stones of Sacsayhuaman, Thanks to Ombio Productions