UFO traffic appears all around Earth

UFO spacecraft - Nearly invisible UFO’s are traveling daily and even hourly from the Earth to the stars and back. They seem to operate both from land and under water.

UFO around Earth

When they leave or enter Earth’s upper atmosphere, they are seen as comet-like lights. It is not yet clear what their influence is on Earth, but signs of their movements are everywhere.

This conclusion can be drawn when we look at the evidence. The traveling UFO’s are visible on NASA film shot by astronauts orbiting Earth. They look like comets, but their movements are different. They not only enter Earth’s atmosphere, but also leaving from it and disappearing into space! Another indication are structures on the Moon, that clearly look like stranded alien spacecraft.

This UFO traffic has been going on for a long time. Ancient aliens came to Earth a long time ago. Were they just one of a number of alien races? Some writers have suggested that there are many alien races around us, traveling to and from their planets. How many alien civilizations or races are there, and what are their planets?

Another question is how they operate? Do they work with energy forms we know, or at some other material or immaterial level? And how do they reach Earth? Do they use only spacecraft, or some forms of stargates as well? It seems likely that their technology is completely unknown to us, because their operations have remained nearly invisible to us for so long.