Mars archaeology could uncover our true roots

MARS MYSTERY - NASA announced that Curiosity rover has found pebbles that could only have been formed by a river of water. The pebbles on Mars are at least two billion years old.

Mars is an amazing place for discoveries. Unique materials and sources are conserved there. Mars meteorites on Earth also contain traces of water. These meteorites are up to 4,5 billion years old. It becomes more and more likely that water, the source of life, once flowed freely on the red planet.

Mars seems to have been a warm and wet place in the ancient past, a place that could have been full of life. Many things on Mars are still underground, to discover for archaeologists. If it weren’t for the radiation, we would already be walking around there ourselves, doing research.

Could our own true ancient history be hidden on Mars? If meteorites landed on Earth, life could have been transported from there to here as well. We could soon find out that ancient structures on Earth are ‘just’ a mirror of civilization on Mars, billions of years earlier. Are WE the ancient visitors? Did we live there and resettle? Let’s hope we can soon find out more.