Ancient Giant Virus Revived From the Ice, more Discoveries Expected

ANCIENT MYSTERIES - As climate change causes temperatures to rise, ice is melting in the world’s polar regions. All sorts of objects and creatures that were conserved in permafrost over tens of thousands of years, are now re-surfacing.

This is paradise for scientists. So far intact mammoths have already been unearthed, for example. And the smaller things like plants and micro-organisms could prove to be even more interesting.

 Scientists are now starting to actually revive life from the past. They have already grown a plant out of 30,000 year old fruit found in permafrost. And now a giant virus has been brought back to life, which is actually still contagious (only for amoebae, fortunately).

We can’t even begin to imagine what all this could lead to. Some say that in the near future, many ancient organisms will reappear from the melting ice and come back to life all by themselves. The scientists’ experiments could also have great impact on the world’s population. Just imagine one of those giant viruses actually mutates and breaks out.

These ancient, frozen organisms could also shed new light on the ancient alien theory. It aliens visited our planet in the distant past and even lived here, wouldn’t we find traces of them in the permafrost? Even their DNA?

And even if we don’t find any aliens, new discoveries in the permafrost will give us tons of information of how other creatures and humans on Earth have developed. If there was alien interference with life on Earth, we should find irregularities, sudden appearance or disappearance of life forms and such.

The parallel exploration of Mars makes all this even more fascinating. If there is a connection of life between the Earth and Mars, we may soon discover spectacular missing links!