UFO 2015 sightings: What to Expect

UFO SIGHTINGS - In 2014 there were many UFO sightings all over the world. Some of them were hoaxes of course, but that can never be avoided. Honestly, we are looking for real UFO sightings. We want to see facts that can be studied and verified by science.

UFO 2015 sightings

The year 2014 has started with some pretty mysterious UFO sightings. 

-UFO sighting at German airport was most spectacular in 2014. The most spectacular in my opinion was the UFO that caused flights to be canceled to and from the airport of Bremen, Germany. The object was spotted on the radar. Eyewitnesses said it sort of looked like a plane but made more noise. They saw red and green lights and what looked like approach lights on both sides of the object. The UFO was visible from the air traffic control tower as well. It appeared multiple times over a period of three hours in the evening. It was flying quite low, at an estimated 100 to 200 meters. Although a police helicopter could not find anything in the sky, the authorities still decided put all flights on hold. The case is still being investigated today. It is not taken lightly, in fact it was an unauthorized intrusion into German airspace. Until it can be proven to be something like a drone or balloon, it is considered a UFO.

-Mysterious Mass UFO Sightings in Australia. The number of reported UFO sightings in Australia increased in 2014.Reports are coming in particularly from Queensland. UFO researchers are even calling for a civilian quick response team to be assembled. Such a team would have to be on the site of a UFO sighting within hours. They could start collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses. The same UFO researchers are also planning to try and solve the famous 1966 UFO case over Westall High School in Clayton South. They claim there are still people that could provide new information about this sighting.

-UFO Spotted on Comet by Rosetta Spacecraft. A photo taken by the Rosetta spacecraft on September 10th 2014 has now put UFO spotters on high alert. There is some kind of metal object on the comet, that is clearly different from the surrounding rocks. What is this UFO, could it actually be an alien spacecraft, having a stopover on the comet? Is it possibly extracting material from it, for fuel perhaps? It is not impossible. The comet Is large enough and not too cold on the surface. This UFO discovery makes Rosetta’s mission much more interesting. An innocent exploration of a comet could turn into a close encounter..

It's time to look towards what will really happen in 2015. What can we expect from the news in 2015? One thing is clear: it will be hard to determine if there are really aliens around us or just fake ones trying to get attention and make some money off it.

The year 2015 promises to give us very interesting UFO sightings.

Mainly because the technology keeps getting better. Also compared to thirty or forty years ago, the number of people capable of registering a UFO sighting has increased. Anyone with a smartphone can now take a picture or make a video of any UFO sighting near them. So keep your camera ready to register the best UFO sighting in 2015!