The Ancient Message in Today’s Crop Circles

Ancient prehistoric structure
Ancient Stone Circles of Rujm al-Hiri - by Albatross/AP
CROP CIRCLES - Crop circles that appear in fields today seem to have more and more amazing shapes. Some people are convinced that all crop circles are fake, while others some see them as a message from the universe, something made by aliens who are trying to contact us.

Few of us realize, however, how similar today’s crop circles are to giant ancient stone circles that archeologists find all over the world. From Rujm al-Hiri to Stonehenge, there seem to be similarities, hidden messages in these shapes.

If this is true, then alien communication on Earth has been going on for thousands of years. Throughout the history of mankind, extra-terrestrials have been trying to communicate with us. Has their message ever changed? What are they trying to tell us?

Maybe the ancient stone circles were not that mysterious to early humans at all. Perhaps they understood these signs and could even communicate with the aliens. In Sumerian and Egyptian legend and religion, for example, it seems perfectly normal that “the gods” lived on Earth and behaved more or less like anyone else.

Crop Circle Burbage, England
Crop Circle Burbage, England
Was it that simple? And if it was, why can’t we see the aliens today? Some observers are convinced that we should think out of the box for this. They propose that the alien spaceships are invisible to us, because they are not machines made out of solid materials with an alien in the cockpit.

No, these spaceships are living things, they consist of many alien lifeforms working together to fly. This collective intelligence can take any shape it wants, like an octopus does. Crop circles could simply be their footprints.

What do you think? What can we expect and how should we read the messages?

In this sensational video by BBC , you see how a pufferfish is creating a "crop circle" (Sand Circle):