Mysterious Similarities between the Ancient Gates of Hayu Marka and Mada’in Saleh

ANCIENT STARGATES - Groups of people are standing in front of a huge ancient rock formation, an archaeological site. They admire it, study it, touch it, and even worship it.

ancient stargate
Hayu Marka

Local people are wary of the site, consider it a dangerous place with mysterious powers. Strangely, a doorway has been carved out of the rock, as if one could access a home or other building inside.

Where is this? In fact, we could be talking about two different places, that are an ocean apart.

The first candidate is Hayu Marka is in Peru, near Lake Titicaca. Locals call it Amaru Muru, after an Inca priest who is thought to have traveled to another dimension through this gate. People go missing near the site, they say, and blue radiation emanates from the area. The local name for the doorway is “Gateway of the Gods”

The other archaeological site is Mada’in Saleh in Saudi Arabia. The site is thought to have been created by the Thamud people, who lived in the region from at least the first millennium BC. An ancient script found on many rocks in the region is named after this people: the Thamudic script. It was used for writing their language, but also that of some other peoples. The Thamud people have mysteriously vanished. It has been suggested that they must have become the victims of some volcanic eruption.

Mada’in Saleh
Why are these places so similar in shape, and in the use of hard material? Why the doorway? And why do people seem to attach a similar significance to these places?

Maybe we have lost some knowledge. If individual people, or even peoples, disappear in these places, then the thought of a stargate comes to mind. The use of hard rock could have been necessary to withstand huge forces.

Could the doorways still be working today, in some way that is impossible for us to see or understand? Or did these stargates stop working in the distant past, after ancient peoples used them to travel along to another galaxy, or dimension?

Unfortunately, nobody has come back from these sites with the answer yet.

Video: The Gate of the Gods by History