Strange Cigar-Shaped UFO Objects in the Sky of Pluto

PLUTO UFO - The latest images from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft unveil new details about Pluto’s atmosphere, spectacular sunset view, mountains, glaciers and plains.

Pluto UFO NASA Spacecraft

It has also shown some strange capsule shaped object, cigar-shaped UFO standing vertically in the sky of Pluto. If you look a bit higher up, they are clearly visible.

These are the highest resolution images that the NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has ever taken of Pluto, and we should take a very close look at them.

Scientists are talking about the ice and mountains, but they don't talk about these shapes. Could they explain at all what this could be? These "Pluto UFO's" appear in several images.

You can find NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft high resolution images on their page, here

Pluto Aerial Tour by Credit: NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI, Stuart Robbins