Alien Space Ship Spotted on Pluto

Alien lake Pluto
Frozen Lake' on Pluto. Image by NASA

ALIEN SPACESHIPS - NASA has found what is likely a frozen nitrogen lake on Pluto. This spectacular find was made in the imagery sent home by the New Horizon’s Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI).

According to NASA, the smooth, flat surface, that is some 20 miles wide, can hardly be anything other than a frozen nitrogen lake. It seems that at some point in Pluto’s very distant past, the nitrogen on the planet was liquid.

It’s pretty cold there now, but things change on Pluto. It orbits the Sun once every 248 Earth years, and does so at a tilted and slowly changing angle. Due to this behavior, every one million years or so, the atmospheric pressure rises to such an extent, that nitrogen becomes liquid, forming lakes and flowing around as rivers.

The idea of a lake existing on Pluto has drawn everyone’s attention to a small, remarkable area within the dwarf planet’s icy Sputnik Planum. And the high resolution images sent back by LORRI allow us to look even closer.


The lake is for the most part surrounded by elevations or ridges. Behind one large ridge, there is a distinct, long object. It looks like something artificial, like a spaceship sitting there. The shape is eerily similar to a mysterious shape on our own Moon, of which some people say it is an alien spaceship.

Could Pluto have been the last stop for travelers leaving our solar system? Did they use the liquid nitrogen? Could there have been a time in the distant past, where interplanetary travel was common, and will we find more such structures soon, remains of a spaceport, maybe?

Or did a spaceship once crash on Pluto? If we take this theory one step further, we notice a straight line next to the object, that is about four times its length and the same width. Could that line be the mark left by a spaceship crashing into and bouncing back off the ridge? 

Skeptics will say that it is just another natural phenomenon. Possibly. We need more images, and fortunately, LORRI is still sending..

Pluto the "Dwarf Planet". Video by Star Stuff