UFO Sightings: Five Ways for Telling The Truth from the Hoax

UFO SIGHTINGS - There was a lot of excitement when a UFO was filmed in Jerusalem over the Temple Mount back in 2011. A debate ensued. UFO enthusiasts believed this was real and demanded an investigation. Renowned UFO investigators found out, however, that the footage was fake? for a number of reasons.


One finding was the fact that the object was too small to be a spacecraft. Secondly, the object was hovering over the Temple Mount while there are hundreds of people there, yet no one saw the floating object except for the person filming. It was concluded that this was just a person trying to play with people’s minds.

The Temple Mount case is just one of countless examples of UFO sightings. On YouTube, thousands of videos about UFO sightings are posted per day. There are so many of them these days, because advanced equipment and software like Photoshop make it easy for anyone to have a go. The majority of the existing UFO footage and photographs have been proven to be hoaxes.

Do we still care about UFO sightings? Most people can’t resist. At the mention of UFO’s, we still think of aliens, higher intelligence, government cover-ups and all kinds of conspiracy theories. No UFO sighting can therefore be ignored, especially when there is evidence in the form of camera recordings and photographs.

Here are five ways to have some fun with UFO sightings. Try to distinguish a real UFO from a hoax yourself!

1. Look for the familiar Let’s start with the most obvious: in any UFO photo or video, look out for things like strings or wires that seem to be hanging out or attached to the object. They can be seen from certain angles and in some light reflections. Spotting any of these is a likely indication that the image or recording is a hoax.

You can also look for familiar shapes. Does the object remind you of anything you know. like a button, bottle lid, or coin? If the answer is yes, then the “UFO” is certainly fake.

2. Observe the UFO’s Movement Many interesting things can be observed when a UFO is in motion. How exactly is the object moving? Is it stable or is it moving in an awkward and unstable way? Of course we don’t know what a real UFO moves like, but no flying object (even if it is crashing) moves in a wobbly fashion, for example.

Another thing to look at is if and how the UFO disappears. UFO believers may argue that it’s impossible for any aircraft or other man-made machine to disappear into thin air. But there are a lot of ways in which such a machine can create an illusion. Just think of an airplane at high altitude: it looks like a dot. From certain camera angles, ordinary things seem to disappear. There are also some unidentified flying objects that are created by the military. Experimental aircraft may do unexpected things. Anything over Area 51 is pretty suspect for example..

3. Is it a drone? There are a lot of drones flying around these days. For anyone wanting to fake a UFO sighting, having a drone to fly around with is great. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Drones can make all sorts of moves, and can be very UFO-like, especially when filmed at night with little lights switched on. Get familiar with drones. Watch videos of drones and observe the way they fly. This will help you recognize them in fake UFO footage.

4. Look at the surroundings Many people use photo and video editing software now, and some are pretty good at changing the “evidence”. It can be hard to see if an image or video has been manipulated in this way. Looking at the UFO’s surroundings can help spot this, though.

Look at the shape of the clouds, for example. Does it look like their shape was altered, or cloned? Do their positions in the landscape make sense? And what about the light, and the dimensions? Look for shadows, reflections or duplicates in the background. Do these look realistic at all?

Also check for tree and plant movement when the object is in the air. Observe if the movement makes them move in the wind. If there is no motion, then the footage is likely manipulated.

5. Consider the Bigger Picture If a UFO hoax is produced by professionals with a big budget, the result is likely pure sci-fi, impossible to recognize as a fake. These pros can start with a plastic box on a cord and use computer-generated imagery (CGI) to make it into an alien spaceship.

In such cases, the only thing you can do is to think of the bigger picture. Is there any logic in the situation? Could some person, group or organization benefit from the attention this footage gets? Could it promote some event or place? Think of the video of Star Wars vehicles taking over Frankfurt airport. Visually, it’s perfect, but … really?

The truth is still out there. Have a great time!