Alien Evidence and UFO Sightings Throughout History: Are Aliens and UFOs Real?

UFO SIGHTINGS - The year has started off with some great new UFO and alien sightings. However, some of them have already turned out to be hoaxes. I don’t know about you, but I am getting pretty tired of this.

Alien phenomena that are publicity stunts

Real alien sightings are important and deserve our attention. But what is real, what can we still believe?

Let's start with the very worst kind of alien phenomena. The crop circle that was discovered in a field South of San Francisco intrigued many, because it seemed to represent an image of alien technology. There was a lot of media attention. This crop circle has now turned out to be a publicity stunt by a computer chip manufacturer. Not only a company, but also a region where an alien phenomenon takes place can actually profit from the attention. Think of the Loch Ness monster for example. It is likely that this legend has attracted a lot of visitors and revenue to the region that otherwise would not have come. This prospect could tempt people to artificially create such phenomena.

UFO sightings that are real - but manmade

Flying objects in the sky that are labeled as UFO’s, could actually exist. That is they could be man made. It’s not unlikely that the US military as well as other countries’ military are secretly testing new equipment and deny everything when asked about it. Area 51, the famous mystery location, could actually be a place where this happens. Or think of the images of the UFO that seems to fly around and descend into a crater. In Northern Germany, a UFO sighting caused disruptions in air traffic for some time.

Alien phenomena that the human mind could create

Another category of sightings are the shapes and symbols people see in clouds and natural landscapes. These shapes, such as faces and flying objects, are often captured in a photo or on video. Google Earth is a great source for this, alien investigators love it. Many shapes are convincing, they are really amazing and waiting to be analyzed. But is also a known fact that the human mind likes to ‘see things’. Our brain is wired to recognize faces for example, and sees them even if they are not really there.

UFO sightings that are created for fun

Finally there are the 'for fun' manipulations of real UFO phenomena. Photos and videos that have been produced as hoaxes. If there is a general idea what a flying saucer looks like, these images will show it. Up until the 1990s, many of these productions were of low quality, easily recognizable as fake or at least doubtful. Nowadays computer techniques have made it so easy to make these images, that there is almost no telling what is real and what is not.

There have been so many UFO sightings over the past century. Perhaps the most convincing sightings are those that are much older. UFO’s depicted in the corner of a medieval painting or fresco, or more ancient drawings and descriptions of unidentified flying objects. Why are these more convincing? There was no technology at the time that people could use to fake it! These ancient sightings are the most interesting ones, worth investigating.

What to think of it all?

Depressing? Maybe. But the subject is just too fascinating to ignore. UFO sightings are often hoaxes, but that doesn’t mean there are no aliens around. The events are real, and we cannot explain them. What if some of the UFO sightings are in fact real? We might even miss one because there is so much news and buzz around.