Can we really live on Mars?

Image by jpl_NASA

LIVING ON MARS - Not too long ago, it was pure science fiction that humans could ever live on Mars. But scientists now tell us that it is actually possible.

Earth is getting full and supplies are running out. Where will we go, what is the solution? The planet closest to us? The Moon is not suited for life. It has no atmosphere and no water (although recently there are some speculations that there is). Venus is far too hot and the atmosphere is unbearably dense.

Our only option is Mars. It is a cold planet, only around the equator it is more or less warm. There are extreme temperature differences in day and night. The atmosphere is not very friendly, humans cannot just breathe on Mars. The travel to Mars is long, it is not so easy to reach.

Should we pursue this goal for our future? When will we start? Can we actually do it?